As a natural leader, United Technologies is driving research, global dialogue and innovative approaches focused on creating a smarter, more sustainable cold chain. With a consistent, collaborative effort, we will succeed in feeding more people, conserving natural resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and securing the future of food.

Global Dialogue

One company or industry alone will not succeed in securing the future of food. That’s why we bring together brilliant minds from around the globe and across disciplines to discuss, debate and inspire. Together, we’ve made incredible progress – and we’re making food waste part of the global dialogue.

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commitment to data

To solve any challenge, you have to know what you’re up against. Through a commitment to research, we gain a greater understanding of the causes, effects and overall impact of food waste. And most importantly, we’re able to better identify opportunities to improve the cold chain.

Our Approach

Applying all that we learn through research and discussion, we innovate. We design solutions that allow for the fresh transport of all types of food from farms to markets. Once it’s there, our solutions keep it all fresh until it reaches the consumer. And we do it all with advanced, sustainable technologies that reduce energy usage, carbon emissions and overall environmental impact.