Our Sustainability Goals

At UTC, sustainability means profitable, responsible operations that do not compromise the environmental and economic health of future generations or the well-being of our employees. Within our own operations, while tripling our revenues over the past 20 years, we have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 33 percent and water consumption by 62 percent. We continuously work to implement sustainable solutions in the design of our products and in our operations. We also encourage suppliers, customers and employees to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Every five years, UTC sets aggressive new sustainability goals for our environment, health and safety performance. Our goals and progress are reviewed by the UTC Board of Directors and CEO. We set our first goals in 1992, and they have been an invaluable tool for operational improvement. Our 2020 goals, shown in the infographic below, challenge us every day to continue to build on our legacy to make improvements in the health and safety conditions of our workplace, the environmental performance of our operations, the sustainability attributes of our products, and to make improvements in the sustainable practices of our supply chain.

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