Carrier Transicold Pulsor®

With an average of 2.5 percent refrigerant leak per year, the Pulsor® unit reduces CO2 emissions by 75 percent per annum.

Carrier Transicold’s Pulsor range of van refrigeration units meets the need for more precise temperature control and cold chain protection among the growing number of van operators making deliveries of temperature-sensitive goods in dense urban areas. Refrigerated vans typically navigate through congested city centers, making frequent stops with repeated cargo door openings and closings. In conventional systems, the refrigeration unit’s compressor is fitted to the vehicle engine and runs at the same speed as the engine, meaning the refrigeration capacity generated is directly linked to engine speed, reaching optimum capacity at 2400 rpm. However, during city deliveries, vans operate at reduced driving speeds 90 percent of the time, resulting in engine speeds below 2400 rpm. The speed of the refrigeration system compressor fluctuates with the vehicle engine speed, increasing the potential risk of variations in temperature control and potentially damaging the perishable cargo being transported. The Pulsor unit eliminates this risk by providing a high and constant capacity at low engine speed.

Innovative technology

At the heart of the Pulsor unit is Carrier Transicold’s patented E-Drive® technology, combined with an inverter and a variable speed hermetic compressor. Adapted from Carrier Transicold’s time-tested Vector® all-electric trailer technology, the Carrier Transicold E-Drive technology removes mechanical transmissions found in belt-driven systems and transforms engine power into electricity through a generator. The generator then channels the electrical power to an inverter that regulates the power delivered according to refrigeration needs. Finally, the variable speed hermetic compressor works at different speeds according to the inverter’s output, delivering constant capacity in all refrigeration phases.

Reducing environmental footprint

The refrigeration unit meets Carrier Transicold’s objective of minimizing the environmental impact of its products.  Carrier Transicold’s E-Drive technology enables a significant reduction in fittings and hoses, considerably decreasing the potential for refrigerant leakage.  In addition, all connections are made with copper pipe instead of flexible hoses to further reduce potential leaks, ensuring cargo integrity and increasing product reliability. With an average of 2.5 percent refrigerant leak per year, the Pulsor unit reduces CO2 emissions by 75 percent per annum.