Otis Gen2® Elevator

Otis Gen2® Elevator

Gen2® elevators set the new standard for performance, reliability, design flexibility and comfort, while reducing costs and energy usage throughout their lifecycle. Otis has integrated high-performance technologies, like flexible coated-steel flat belts, a compact gearless machine, ReGen™ drives and LED lighting into Gen2 to deliver optimal performance.

Sustainable. Responsible. Enviable.

What does an empty elevator going up have in common with a full elevator going down? An abundance of excess energy. Electrical power is generated when a heavily-loaded car travels in a ‘down’ direction or a lightly-loaded car travels in an ‘up’ direction.

Elevators with conventional non-regenerative drives waste the generated energy as it is dissipated in a set of resistors.

ReGen drives, featured in Gen2 elevators, convert this excess energy into electricity and feed this captured power back into the building’s electric grid for reuse by other building systems such as lighting. ReGen drives deliver substantial energy savings while meeting or exceeding established worldwide standards.

  • Up to 75% energy savings as compared to conventional systems
  • Produce clean power that minimizes impact on the building’s electrical system due to low harmonic distortion (typically below 5%)
  • Operational cost savings through reduced peak power demand and decreased energy consumption
  • Optimal performance — the drive operates with voltage fluctuations of up to 30 percent

Reduced energy consumption

Gen2 system with ReGen drive reduces energy consumption by 75% under normal operating conditions

Otis Gen2® Elevator