The QuietCO2OL™ condensing unit uses repurposed carbon dioxide as natural refrigerant, which is unaffected by EU F-gas Regulation.

Equipped with an inverter-drive compressor, the QuietCO2OL unit can run up to 10 kW and is ideal for small businesses with variable capacity applications such as food retail convenience stores, petrol stations, restaurants, caterers and large kitchens. The QuietCO2OL unit has a low noise level and can be connected to multiple evaporators, while its optimized serviceability provides easy access to all components for installers and service technicians.

QuietCO2OL also will be available in a multi-compressor version, ideal for larger convenience stores. Covering applications from 10 to 40 kW, this multi-temperature unit can run from two up to five rotary CO2 hermetic compressors and can simultaneously cover the refrigeration and air-conditioning needs of a convenience store.