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Cognitive Function Test Scores Doubled

The COGfx Study demonstrated that improved indoor environmental quality doubled cognitive function test scores in the 24 study participants.

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Improved Productivity Quantified

The COGfx Study team builds on its research to quantify the increased productivity from improved indoor air quality and compare it to economic costs and environmental impacts.

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Inside the Lab

Twenty-four professional employees – architects, designers, programmers, engineers, creative marketing professionals and managers – participated in a six-day study examining the impact of green buildings on cognitive performance and decision-making performance.

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Meet the Experts

Conducted in the fall of 2014 and published in the fall of 2015, The COGfx Study brought together industry-leading health and building experts from their respective fields.

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What you can do

Join the conversation about the study online using the hashtag #TheCOGfxStudy and learn more here.

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