At United Technologies, we’re committed to helping grow sustainable cities through research, global dialogue and advanced, intelligent technologies. We’re uncovering new opportunities and developing new solutions to improve the way we build – and think – now and in the future.

Global Dialogue

A global movement calls for global dialogue. From the very beginning of the green building movement, United Technologies has convened thousands of sustainability thought leaders and building industry experts at events in cities across the globe. We’ve shared insights, ideas and visions for what’s possible in green building.

commitment to data

From Harvard University to Dodge Data & Analytics, United Technologies has partnered with industry leaders, educators and organizations to study key focus areas and trends related to the green building movement. Data drives decisions. The results have the power to change how the world thinks about green buildings.

Our Approach

Green buildings call for green products – and as an engineering and manufacturing company with sustainability at our core, United Technologies delivers. We are consistently innovating to meet the growing demand for intelligent, integrated and efficient solutions that reduce energy consumption and environmental impact while enhancing human productivity throughout all aspects of green buildings.