Automated Logic’s Eco-Screen® Sustainability Kiosk

Automated Logic’s Eco-Screen™ showcases a building’s sustainability and efficiency measures using a dynamic interactive kiosk.

The Eco-Screen® sustainability kiosk is a powerful tool that enables building owners to showcase a property’s energy conservation and sustainability measures. By hosting Eco-Screen on a large touch-screen kiosk in your facility’s lobby or common area, you’ll introduce visitors to your building’s sophisticated operating systems, providing the public with an interactive and dynamic presentation of its most innovative green building features.

Your building is smart. Show it off.

At a time when sustainability and smart buildings are more important than ever, Eco-Screen places building data front and center using a dynamic, interactive kiosk.

The unit connects to the WebCTRL® building automation system to monitor energy data including current energy and water usage, reductions in CO2 emissions, outdoor air conditions. This data is then brought to life on the kiosk with color graphics that make your building’s behind-the-scenes workings engaging and interactive.

In addition to current data, Eco-Screen provides a range of historical data, as well as comparisons of energy savings with conventional buildings that have not received energy upgrades. The kiosk also helps build awareness of LEED® certification requirements, ENERGY STAR® criteria and your sustainability goals.

It’s an innovative way to educate and inform your tenants and visitors, and even make them feel more comfortable in the space. And in making building sustainability data easy for everyone to view and understand, we make it big.

Learn more about Eco-Screen and how it can help put your commitment to sustainability where everyone can see it.