Carrier AquaEdge® 19DV Centrifugal Chiller

The AquaEdge® 19DV centrifugal chiller utilizes a low global warming potential refrigerant (GWP) and provides Integrated Part Load Valve (IPLV) efficiency that is 40 percent better than the current industry standard.*

The high-efficiency AquaEdge 19DV centrifugal chiller saves energy costs and reduces environmental impact with its Greenspeed® intelligence variable speed technology and a low global warming potential refrigerant. The breakthrough technology delivers on customer demands for excellent performance, leading efficiency and environmental responsibility.

The advanced two-stage compressor was designed and optimized for refrigerant R-1233zd(E), which has a GWP of 1.34 and an A1 safety classification per ASHRAE standard 34. The compressor’s low-speed direct drive back-to-back design significantly improves efficiency while balancing internal forces, enabling the use of energy-saving ceramic bearings that utilize the refrigerant already in the chiller as lubricant.


*Industry standard is ASHRAE 90.1 2016.