Carrier's AquaEdge 23XRV

Carrier AquaEdge® 23XRV

The AquaEdge® 23XRV is the world’s leading efficiency screw chiller, 42 percent better than the industry standard.*

When it comes to efficiency and sustainability, Carrier is a company of “firsts.” The AquaEdge 23XRV chiller from Carrier is the world’s first integrated, variable-speed, water-cooled screw chiller. It incorporates significant breakthroughs in water-cooled chiller technology to provide excellent reliability and achieve superior efficiencies at true operating conditions.

No-Compromise Solution

The AquaEdge 23XRV is the no-compromise solution.

  • Simple = By removing all mechanical unloaders except the variable speed drive, the 23XRV chiller has only three moving parts, making it the ultimate design in simplicity.
  • Reliable = Due to its positive displacement compressor design, the 23XRV has been capable of operating in situations that most chillers cannot, such as a cooling tower fan failure.

The variable-speed chiller maximizes efficiency by optimizing compressor operation. Electric power consumption drops dramatically when the motor speed slows, helping the AquaEdge 23XRV deliver industry-leading integrated part load values in an extremely broad range of applications and climates. The quality design and construction make the AquaEdge 23XRV the best choice for modern, efficient chilled water plants – just one more example of Carrier’s position as a natural leader.

Learn more about how the AquaEdge 23XRV provides an ideal solution for constant and variable flow pumping systems.


*Among electric-driven, water-cooled chillers as measured by Integrated Part Load Value conditions based on ASHRAE 90.1 2010 minimum requirement.