Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion at UTC

Sustainability, as everyone knows, is about contributing to a more viable environment. Diversity & Inclusion is about contributing to a more viable organization. As the world’s largest provider of building systems, operating in over 72 countries, employing 200,000+ employees, UTC has made sustainability, diversity and inclusion big goals. As a manufacturing leader that does complex things, UTC is poised to excel in both of these critical areas that are inextricably linked.

Our people are contributing to diverse communities and supporting a sustainable pipeline of future employees…

A critical component of UTC’s Diversity & Inclusion strategy includes Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). UTC is proud to sponsor more than 75 groups with over 19,000 members around the world.

ERGs allow employees with similar interests and shared perspectives to advance organizational goals, provide developmental opportunities for employees and volunteer for external community partnerships and activities that are critical to UTC supporting the communities where we operate and do business.