Marioff’s HI-FOG®

Marioff’s HI-FOG® water mist systems use up to 90 percent less water than traditional sprinkler systems.

HI-FOG® high-pressure water mist is the safe and sustainable way to fight fires. It is a result of great innovation: fire is suppressed with less water. HI-FOG fights fire in three ways: by cooling the fire and the surrounding area, by blocking the radiant heat, and by removing the oxygen from the seat of the fire.

Marioff has always been a staunch supporter of research, and the performance of HI-FOG® has been verified in thousands of full-scale fire tests. Today, HI-FOG® holds more than 130 type approval certificates for a wide range of applications. The high-pressure water mist fire protection technology is incredibly versatile. Initially designed to enhance fire safety at sea, it is now widely applied in industrial and buildings applications as well, all over the world.

HI-FOG® Benefits

HI-FOG® is the safe and sustainable way to fight fires. HI-FOG® fights fires with fresh water mist that is entirely harmless to people and the environment. System activation does not require immediate evacuation, air-tight environment or enclosure integrity and the spaces can also be entered while the system is discharging without risking human life or affecting fire fighting efficiency.

HI-FOG® uses less water than traditional sprinkler systems. Thanks to rapid fire suppression using low amounts of water, HI-FOG® helps keep damage and downtime to a minimum. Due to low water usage, the system requires less valuable space. Compact water tanks, small diameter piping and modular pump units make HI-FOG® ideal for retrofits and new structures alike where space is at premium.

HI-FOG® system consists of high quality components that all contribute to long system life. HI-FOG® is also cost-efficient to scale up to new areas using the same main system components. HI-FOG® Gas-Driven Pump Unit can be supplied as an independent, stand-alone system that does not require mains electricity, a municipal water supply or a large water reservoir.

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