Sustainability at UTC

Message from Greg Hayes, Chairman & CEO

Gregory J. Hayes
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

United Technologies is a leader in sustainability, and our record is unmatched. Nearly 30 years ago, we were among the first companies to set targets to reduce our environmental footprint. Since 1997, we’ve tripled the size of our business, while reducing water consumption by 62 percent and greenhouse gas emissions by 33 percent. We’re on a trajectory to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050 to support the United Nations’ climate goals.

As we look at the trends that will impact the global landscape in the coming years, sustainability is an imperative for our business. Our strategy is clear: innovate to meet growing demand for sustainable products; implement sustainable solutions in our own operations; and encourage suppliers, customers and employees to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Our products and businesses reflect our commitment to sustainability. As a leader in global building technologies, we’ve developed energy-efficient solutions for green buildings that can change how cities urbanize. As a leader of technologies that keep food safe and fresh for consumption, we provide ways to extend food supplies while avoiding food waste to feed our growing planet. And as a leader in green aviation, we’ve set the standard for fuel efficiency, emission reduction and lower noise with our Geared Turbofan jet engine. We also continue to lead by example, implementing sustainable solutions in our offices, factories, and research and development facilities around the world.

We’ve seen remarkable results from our efforts and look for opportunities to do more. We continue to invest in innovative products and sustainable solutions that will help shape tomorrow. We are proud of our sustainable approach to business and recognize the positive impact it has on our environment, our people and our communities.