Otis Gen2® Elevator

Otis Gen2® Elevator

The Gen2® system uses flexible polyurethane steel-reinforced belts in place of steel cables and features ReGen™ drive technology – innovations that reduce energy consumption by as much as 75 percent under normal operation compared to conventional systems without regenerative technology.

Smart, Sustainable Technology

When an elevator goes up with a light load and down with a heavy load, the system generates more power than it uses. In elevator systems with conventional non-regenerative drives, the excess energy is dissipated as heat.

The ReGen drive, standard on all Gen2 elevators, captures this excess energy, converts it back into electricity and then feeds it back into the building’s power grid for use by other systems such as lighting and air conditioning.

The amount of energy saved depends on the car load, speed, length of run, traffic pattern and system efficiency.

Because the belts have a smaller turning radius around the machine pulley, the Gen2 machine is 80 percent smaller and more efficient than conventional geared machines. The Gen2 machine and steel belts require no additional lubrication, eliminating the need for storage, cleanup and disposal of hazardous waste.

The ReGen Drive – The Smart Choice

  • Delivers annual savings by decreasing both fixed costs based on peak power demand and variable costs based on energy consumption
  • Produces “clean power” with low harmonic distortion (typically below 5 percent), helping to protect sensitive building equipment

How the Gen2 system compares