Carrier Transicold Vector™ Refrigeration Units

Understanding that safely delivering fresh and frozen goods can be a complex process, Carrier offers the Vector series of specialized refrigeration units for road transport. Each is designed to help maximize cold chain performance and optimize total cost of ownership, all while reducing environmental impact.

Technology to sustainably drive your business.

The Vector™ platform, with its patented E-Drive™ all-electric refrigeration technology, has proven itself as an industry leader.

Carrier’s E-Drive technology removes mechanical transmissions found in belt-driven technology by transforming engine power into electricity. This unique and patented solution can reduce refrigerant leak rates by as much as 55 per cent over conventional belt-driven systems,  resulting in lower emissions and a lower carbon footprint, and offers an extremely quiet solution for operations with residential neighbors sensitive to operating noise.

The use of micro-channel heat exchanger coils in many of our latest-generation products ensures an environmentally sound solution as a result of a compact design providing up to a 25 per cent reduction in each unit’s refrigerant charge versus standard heat exchangers. Not to mention, the removal of 17 serviceable parts has been shown to increased uptime up to about 99.4%.

Vector units have also been shown to significantly reduce fuel consumption and maintenance operations. Environmental benefits aside, customers can count on Vector for one of the best-in-class performances, with precise, multi-zone temperature control, quick pull-down time and homogenous air distribution.

A range of optional intelligent controls helps further maximize your fleet by leveraging advanced software to help reduce fuel consumption, run time, maintenance costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Learn more about the Vector range and why it’s a smart choice for your fleet, your budget and our planet.